It is our mission to educate and form upstanding, capable and sensible leaders who are active participants in global development.  With our methodology based on Developmental Neuropsychology and our innovative curriculum, within a technology-enhanced learning environment, we foster the development of each child’s potential.


Village School will remain at the forefront in education, stand out through its students’ humanity, knowledge, and leadership.  Village students will make an impact in a variety of fields, meeting the challenges of a changing society.

Our Goal #ThinkBig

Village Schools seeks to develop in our students, 4 main aspects, which are Leadership,
Academic Excellence, Strong Values and Athletic Excellence.

Academic Excellence

Village Academic Programs are aligned with competitive international and national standards, which include US Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Social Studies Framework, Common European Framework of Reference, ISTE, and Curriculum Nacional Base. All of these standards are periodically monitored and assessed through a set of formative, summative, standardized tests and tools such as MAP, Achieve, TOEFL, SAT, PAA, DELF, and FIT to ensure our students’ academic excellence.

Athletic Excellence

We develop Athletic excellence by working with Brain gym activities that encourage neurological maturity and sensory integration. In addition, our students participate in several sports such as baseball, basketball, track & field, volleyball, soccer, and roller hockey; as well as, our internal P.E. (Physical Education) Program that monitors our students’ healthy habits.


By implementing a curriculum that promotes 21st century skills, we graduate generations of leaders and entrepreneurs with a set of skills needed to embrace and confront the challenges of the new millennium. Hence, we have developed a competitive business program based on real life scenarios, where they must display the soft skills learned throughout their academic life.

Human Values

Our values are an important part of our students coexistence and well-being. We educate responsible and empathetic leaders with: tolerance and respect, sense of belonging, honesty, integrity and citizenship.


CTE - Neurokidz

Group 2- K3

Elementary School

1st - 4th Grade

Middle School

5th - 8th Grade

High School

9th - 12th Grade


Graduated students since 1993


Medals in National and International Athletic Competitions


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Top 5

Ranked among the top 5 schools in Guatemala, based on Mineduc Evaluations


We give to your kids education based in needs of the future

Third Languages

One of our goals is to achieve the maximum development of each student with a multilingual vision, students graduate with a 100% of english proficiency and they can choose a third language between german, french or mandarin as a part of the curriculum.

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Did you know about Cognia?

The Cognia Accreditation Process, is a protocol adopted trhoughout the world.  It´s a clear and comprehensive program of evaluation and external review, supported by standards-based research, and is dedicated to helping schools, districts and education providers of continuos improvement.

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