Middle School

Middle School Main Objective

To train students through academic excellence, efficient study habits, practice and stimulation values involving the two cerebral hemispheres through the development of cognitive, emotional and physical skills. Preparing students to successfully transition into

High School. 


Our Methodology

The Village methodology allows constant brain stimulation according to neuropsychology, as well as respect for the educational needs and learning styles of each student. 

Neuro-Physical Development

Through our method, we develop athletic excellence by: Brain gymnastic , neurological maturation, sensory  integration working on classes and sports: 

STEM (Science - Tech - Engineering - Math)

STEM is the integration of four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary

and applied approach.



Technological World

needs technological professionals

The use of ITC (Information and Communication Technology) in classrooms make students more connected to a global world covering the needs of  the future professionals.

Why Do we Speak a Third Language

Our students have the opportunity to learn about new cultures by experimenting through scholarships and leadership activities in countries like: Germany and the United States. Our multilingual vision opens the door for our students to a competitive world in their professional career.

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