Es nuestra misión educar y formar líderes íntegros, capaces, sensibles; protagonistas del desarrollo global. Con nuestra metodología basada en Neuropsicología Evolutiva y nuestro currículo innovador, en un ambiente de aprendizaje tecnológico, logramos el desarrollo del potencial humano.


Village School se mantendrá a la vanguardia en el campo educativo, destacando por la calidad humana, conocimiento y liderazgo de sus estudiantes. Ellos harán impacto en diferentes ámbitos, superando los retos de una sociedad cambiante.

Perfil Village

Perfil Village

Nuestro Objetivo #ThinkBig

Village Schools seeks to develop in our students, 4 main aspects, which are Leadership,
Academic Excellence, Strong Values and Athletic Excellence.

Excelencia Académica

Guarantee college preparation to national and international universities. To achieve this, Village school has aligned with competitive international and national standards. Among these we have US Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Social Studies Framework, Common European Framework of Reference, ISTE, and Curriculum Nacional Base. These standards are periodically monitored and assessed through a set of formative, summative, standardized tests and tools such as MAP, Achieve, TOEFL, SAT, PAA, DELF, and FIT to ensure our students’ academic excellence.

Excelencia Atlética

Develop Athletic excellence by working with brain gym activities and a strong P.E. program that encourage neurological maturity and sensory integration, as well as healthy habits. In addition, our students participate in several sports such as baseball, basketball, track & field, volleyball, soccer, and roller hockey.


Develop 21st century skills in our students: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, Technology literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social skills. Now more than ever, we are committed to fostering such skills and strong habits which our students need to navigate and thrive in this complex, rapidly changing world.


Educate responsible and empathetic leaders with tolerance and respect, sense of belonging, honesty, integrity, and citizenship.


CTE - Neurokidz

Group 2- K3

Elementary School

1st - 4th Grade

Middle School

5th - 8th Grade

High School

9th - 12th Grade


Alumnos graduados desde 1993


Medallas en competencias atléticas nacionales e internacionales


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Top 5

Clasificada entre las 5 mejores escuelas de Guatemala, según las evaluaciones de Mineduc


Tercer idioma

One of our goals is to achieve the maximum development of each student with a multilingual vision, students graduate with a 100% of english proficiency and they can choose a third language between german, french or mandarin as a part of the curriculum.

Graduandos Village Alrededor del Mundo

Did you know about Cognia?

The Cognia Accreditation Process, is a protocol adopted trhoughout the world.  It´s a clear and comprehensive program of evaluation and external review, supported by standards-based research, and is dedicated to helping schools, districts and education providers of continuos improvement.

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Village School Guatemala

Accredited since 2006

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Congratulations to our new members of the NHS and NJHS 2022-2023! We are very proud of your academic commitment and leadership 💪🏻💪🏻 Village School is a member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Honor Society (NHS), an international organization for middle/high schoolers that promotes leadership, service, character, and scholarship.  #VillageAcademicExcellence #NHS #NJHS #VillageSchool #Leadership
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