High School Main Objective

Our program encompasses methodology, pedagogy and motivation as key aspects to guarantee success in teaching and learning according to the students’ interests, learning styles, and skills to success in their professional carrees.

Importance of Common Core Curriculum as a Platform for a Competitive World

Today’s students are preparing to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before. To ensure all students are ready for success after high school, the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in Math and English language.

Our students are prepared to face the challenges of the new millennium with the following competencies:

The Common Core focuses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful.


Credits & Curriculum Flexible

Our flexible curriculum, with mandatory courses, optional courses and elective courses, allows students to cover core subjects, as well as areas of their interest and needs for their studies in college

Unique Program Based In Business

International Business - Business Management - Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management - E-commerce Business & Personal Law Business - Personal Finance Marketing Essentials

AP COURSES What are AP Courses?

As part of Village School’s plan to offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum, AP (Advanced Placement) courses are now offered to our juniors and seniors. AP courses are college-level courses that students can take while still in high school.

We are now offering six AP Courses: AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Microeconomics, AP Spanish Literature and Culture, and AP English Literature and Composition.

Taking AP can help the students to become familiar with college-level work, develop college skills such as critical thinking and time management and gain insights that can put them on the path to a career (College Board, 2021). These new challenging courses are a great opportunity for our students to prepare for the rigorous programs of higher education.

Building a culture of opportunities

Our students have the opportunity to know new cultures by experimenting through scholarships and leadership activities in countries like: Germany and the United States. Our multilingual vision opens the door for our students to a competitive world in their professional career. 


Tolerance & Respect

Citizenship & Sense of Belonging

Empathy & Responsibility

honesty& integrity

College & University


of Village School Graduates Attend

Guatemalan Universities


of Village School Graduates Attend

Universities Around the world

Village School seniors are accepted in many of the best national and international universities

Leadership & Entrepeneurs Placement

Our students are prepared to face the challenges of the new millennium with the following competencies

Vocational Guidance Counseling 

College counseling provides the information and knowledge our students need to understand their social and professional environment, the educational opportunities that are available to them both locally and abroad, as well as the requirements for different professions. This process is carried out through individual and group interviews with the High School students. 


Village School was very happy to host the AASCA Debate Tournament, Guatemala 2022, schools from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala debated different topics and had a wonderful experience.

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