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High School Extracurricular Achievements

Our students in high school have many opportunities to develop different skills outside of the classrooms.  Such is the case of our extracurricular programs of Debate, Leadership, and Model United Nations in which many of our students participated this school year.  

For instance, in the Debate program, our students participated in 3 tournaments, two in English and one in Spanish.  The first tournament that they participated in was the “Torneo Interescolar” organized by Universidad Francisco Marroquín.  In this tournament, our students were able to practice their debate skills as a preparation for the following tournament: the 1st Online AASCA Debate Tournament that Village School proudly hosted.  Our teams had the opportunity to compete against teams from Guatemala and countries such as Honduras, El Savador, and Nicaragua. As a result, both our Junior Varsity and Varsity teams took 3rd place. On the other hand, our Spanish debate team had the opportunity to compete in the 3rd edition of the Panamerican Debate Tournament organized by the Universidad Europea del Atlántico in Spain.  Our team was one of the 74 teams participating in this tournament and we are proud to announce that they were able to get 4th place out of all those teams from countries such as Venezuela, México, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panamá, and others.

Another program that we usually participate in, is the AASCA Leadership Conference.  This year was no exception as we had the opportunity to participate with 10 of our most outstanding students.  They had the experience to meet online with different speakers that helped them develop their Leadership Skills.  Out of this experience, our students created a project for school in which they will put in practice what they learned in the conference.

Last, but not least, three of our 11th grade students had the opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations conference HACIA that was organized by Harvard University.  Our students took the role of delegates from different countries to discuss and come up with solutions about the Covid 19 vaccine crisis. After 4 days of conference, one of our students, Yehosua Hércules, was awarded the title of Distinguished Delegate for his performance during the event.

We are very proud of each of the students that participated in all of these events, and we thank their coaches for helping them achieve their goals! Go Panthers!

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