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Middle School Projects


We made it rain! We used ice and hot water to make it rain in a jar. For an introduction into the water cycle, we observed the three states water goes through to evaporate, turn to gas in the atmosphere and form clouds through condensation and then, after the water builds up it begins to fall!

We created a storm in a bucket!  We used room temperature water and blue dyed ice to observe a cold air-mass.  The cold water sank to  the bottom, shown by the blue dye, and the red, room temperature water was pushed up to the top. 

Science Wing Dissection


Understand how the skeletal and muscular systems interact.


Using the scissors, cut down the middle of the skin, starting at the top end of the upper wing. Try not to cut the muscles below the skin. Do this by piercing the skin and then slipping the scissor between the skin layers and the muscle. Cut until you reach the shoulder joint.

Entrepreneurship & Technology

Investigate about two (2) scientists, who have influenced the world.

Comunicación y Lenguaje

Los alumnos de 8th B, en el curso de Comunicación y Lenguaje realizaron una pequeña entrevista a personas que desempeñan una labor interesante.

Language Arts

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Values Project 7th

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