Lesly Suazo Soler MSc.
Elementary Principal

A New School Year, Another Opportunity to Succeed!!

Our students are back in school. After vacation, the big challenge for parents and children is to resume their academic routine each year. For many, the first weeks become an odyssey: wake up early, adhere to schedules, receiving lectures, have uniforms ready, and doing their assignments after a two-month break. However, we are sure that our panthers are prepared to achieve our high expectations this new school year.

We take this opportunity to remember that parents, students, and staff members must contribute to having the optimum environment at school if we all show a positive attitude, we can help ourselves and others enjoy every single school activity.

At the start of this new school year, we warmly welcome all the members of these exciting learning stories; children, teachers, and parents.

God bless this new school year!!

Teachers engage students in their learning through instructional strategies that ensure achievement of high academic expectations.

Bread Landform in Science Class!

Students developed a model to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water in an area.

High expectations, active and supportive learning environments ensure the academic growth in Village Elementary

Painting with Salt and Watercolors

Math is fun!

Flag Day!

We are happy to welcome highly qualified teachers into our community.

We are sure they will provide enough learning opportunities to guarantee our students’ academic growth and well-being.


  • Has been a science teacher working in Village since 2018 In El Salvador,
  • She has experience in bilingual schools as an Elementary and Pre-School Coordinator
  • Educational and Operation Project Coordinator. Worked as high-school geography, literature, history, and reading comprehension teacher, TOEFL teacher,
  • Pre-school teacher & coach amongst other educational tasks.


  • Ha sido maestra de ciencias trabajando en Village desde el 2018.
  • Cuenta con experiencia en escuelas bilingües de El Salvador como Coordinadora de Primaria y Preescolar, Coordinadora de Proyectos Educativos y de Operativos.
  • Trabajó como maestra de geografía, literatura, historia y lectura comprensiva en secundaria, maestra para la preparación de exámenes TOEFL,
  • Capacitadora de maestros de preescolar; entre otras tareas educativas.


  • English language teacher
  • 16 years of teaching experience
  • Several international STEM/STEAM and National Geographic programs.
  • She has strengthened her knowledge of STEAM in Israel and other countries.
  • Consultant for MINEDUC in the area of English
  • Has developed English books for the secondary level.
  • She has taught Science at Village School for 12 years
  • She has designed and developed transdisciplinary projects of educational innovation emphasizing STEAM.
  • She has published several articles and was invited to interviews in the educational field.


  • Profesora de inglés
  • 16 años de experiencia docente.
  • Ha participado en varios programas internacionales STEM/STEAM y National Geographic.
  • Ha fortalecido su conocimiento en el área de STEAM en Isarel y otros países.
  • Consultora del MINEDUC en el área de inglés
  • Ha desarrollado libros de inglés para el nivel secundario.
  • Durante 12 años ha sido profesora de Ciencias en Village school
  • Ha diseñado y desarrollado proyectos transdisciplinarios de innovación educativa con énfasis en STEAM.
  • Ha publicado varios artículos y fue invitada a entrevistas en el ámbito educativo.

Our staff supported the students through their process back to school, reinforcing the Executive skills of the quarter: planning, sequencing and time management. We worked hard on establishing routines and behavior expectations with our students.

We followed a special schedule during the first day of school to teach de bio-safety protocols and social-emotional adaptation of students back to school.

Teachers reinforced this quarter’s Values: Citizenship and Justice, during homeroom and in our classes.

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