In the Midst of a Pandemic

Virtual teaching and learning during the 2020-2021 school year posed challenges to our school community. Day to day activities such as attending classes on time, taking tests, submitting work and participating in parent-teacher meetings took great effort and dedication from all parties inolved. The following are strategies that the high school leadership team used in order to achieve the first goal in its strategic plan for 2020-2024: Improve academic growth and achievement.

  1. A new Scope and Sequence (Malla Curricular) for the high school curriculum was articulated. Curriculum maps for most subject areas were completed, as well as carefully aligned lesson plans were developed. 
  2. New programs with abundant digital resources for Mathematics, Science and Social Studies were acquired.
  3. A teacher coaching and supervision program that is tied to professional development in the areas of evaluation, classroom management, high expectations, differentiated instruction, planning engaging lessons and data analysis was implemented.
  4. Grouping of students into sections by ability was eliminated in favor of heterogeneous groups in which all students are challenged with high expectations. Accelerated /AP courses were added.
  5. Digital classroom was selected as the main tool for delivering instruction, posting and submitting assignments, providing feedback on student work and sharing resources.

We are very proud of the way our students rose to the challenges and moved forward. The following graphs show MAP results in terms of students who are performing below level, at level and above level in terms of the MAP Spring Norm . It is important to acknowledge that even though our students are taking the MAP tests in their second language, most of them are above the grade level norm.

Graph #1: Students Below, at and Above the Norm for MAP Spring 2021

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