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Importance of Values in your Career Decision

It is very common to hear experts say that in order to decide your career path you first have to define your values. That may sound easy, but it is not, especially if you first don’t understand what values are.A value is a belief that can help us decide what is right or wrong. It can shape our behavior and our decisions.

We practice values all the time, from things like helping someone in need, to simply just doing our homework.But the question remains, are values really that important to determine your career? Values determine your priorities and when there is an agreement between your career and your values, it is more probable that you will live a satisfying life, and develop and sense of happiness.

However, if there is no agreement between your priorities and your values, you may encounter all kinds of problems in the future. Furthermore, apart from helping you choose your career, values can also help you in life in general, they will guide you through hard life decisions and help you decide whether or not you are where you want to be.Here are some tips to help you work on your values:

  1. Identify the times when you were happy, satisfied, and proud of your life
  2. Identify what was that you were doing to feel that way
  3. Think about what is your ideal vision for your future

-Ana Gómez, High School Student 

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