College and Career Readiness

According to the Nebraska Department of Education (2009) the definition for College and Career Readiness is as follows: “A career ready person capitalizes on personal strengths, talents, education, and experiences to bring value to the workplace and the community through his/her performance, skill, diligence, ethics and responsible behavior… When students are career ready, they are prepared for the next step in their lives—whether that means getting their first job or… Read More »College and Career Readiness


El 2020 fue un año en el que nos sorprendió la Pandemia del Coronavirus.  A partir del 15 de marzo el Gobierno central dio la orden de suspender las clases presenciales.  Al día siguiente que se recibió la orden, Village School ya contaba con un plan para atender a sus estudiantes de manera virtual.  El programa virtual empezó a funcionar inmediatamente y nuestros estudiantes no tuvieron que atrasarse en los… Read More »REGRESO A CLASES

Middle School – First Quarter 21-22

Welcome by Level Leadership Team The Middle School Leadership Team and Staff have planned a very excited academic year for our students and parents. Our Hyflex and Online models will allow us to offer you  Excellence in Academic, Values, Arts and Sports. MS students, remember to always be honest and hardworking, there is no short cut to success.  I’m sure that you will set  an example of true values along… Read More »Middle School – First Quarter 21-22

Elementary – August 2021

Word from our Principal A New School Year, Another Opportunity to Succeed!! Our students are back in school. After vacation, the big challenge for parents and children is to resume their academic routine each year. For many, the first weeks become an odyssey: wake up early, adhere to schedules, receiving lectures, have uniforms ready, and doing their assignments after a two-month break. However, we are sure that our panthers are… Read More »Elementary – August 2021


Dear families. We are gathered here today to celebrate an important milestone in the lives of these young...

Elementary Summer Camp

During our summer camp, the students were able to develop unique interests and skills in a fun, friendly, and engaging...

In the Midst of a Pandemic

Virtual teaching and learning during the 2020-2021 school year posed challenges to our school community. Day to day activities such as attending classes on time...

Pan-American Debate League

“We fight for a free world, we fight for a fair world” Those were the words spoken by the Village School debate team last December when they were proclaimed the winners of the 1st edition of the Pan-American Debate League, organized by the Uneatlántico University in Spain...

Pensar en grande para luego actuar en grande

Pensar en grande para luego actuar en grande. Y no solo se trata de hacerlo para sí mismo, sino para ponerlo al servicio de aquellos que más lo necesitan. Esta es quizás la premisa esencial del curso de Seminario, una de las clases más demandantes para los alumnos de último año de Village School...