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Panthers Athletic Excellence!

Congratulations to our students Paola Bacaro, So-hee Kim, and Jolette Rodas who are representing Guatemala Department in the National Basketball Championship. In their last game, they won against Zacapa Department 57-17! Great news!!! Keep going girls!

Keep going Auder!

Congratulations to our student Auder Franco for the amazing results in his most recent National Track & Field Competition. 🥇 Gold medal – 2,000 meters 🥈 Silver medal – 800 meters 🥈 Silver medal – Relays Congratulations!!!! Keep going Panther 💪🏻 #VillageAthleticExcellence #VillagePanthers #GoPanthers

Panther Divemaster

Congratulations to our student Estuardo Riley! Through the development of various water skills, exercises, workshops, and hands-on practical assessments, Estuardo is now on his way to becoming a Divemaster at age 14.  Village School is very proud of you! 

WKC Pan-American, Mexico.

Congratulations to our middle school student Emiliano Castillo Pineda for his outstanding participation representing Guatemala in the WKC Panamerican Karate Tournament. Emiliano won 3 golds and is champion of the Point Fighting category. Keep going Emiliano!

Tennis Championship

Amazing Alejandro! Our elementary student, Alejandro Reyna is representing Guatemala at the Tennis Championship in Costa Rica. Alejandro has also obtained 2nd place in his category and 4th place in the national ranking. Keep going Panther!!! #VillageAthleticExcellence#ThinkBig

1st Place – Universal Tennis Rating

Good news! 🎉🎉 Our middle school student Oscar Villatoro won 1st place in the UTR Tennis Championship, U10 category. Congratulations Panther! Village School is very proud of you! 💪🏻💪🏻

Metropolitan Basketball Championship

Our students Sofia Corredor, Daniela Navarro, Fatima Arenada, Ximena Coronado and Daniela Alvarado won first place in the Metropolitan Basketball Championship organized by the Basketball Federation. Congratulations girls!!

Metropolitan Basketball Championship

Congratulations to our students Mateo Corredor and Luis Pablo Morales on their outstanding results at the Metropolitan Basketball Championship. They obtained 2nd place in the U23 category. Great work Panthers!!!

National Track & Field Championship

Amazing results from our high school students in the National Track & Field Championship, congratulations Andrea, Auder, and Andrés for your excellent athletic performance! Andrea Quan 1st place, Javelin throw U18 Auder Franco 1st place, 2,000 meters – hurdles U18 3rd place, 1,500 meters U18 1st place, Relays U18 Andrés Leal 5th place, Shot Put U18 4th place, Discus throw U18 4th place, Javelin throw U18 #GoPanthers#VillageAthleticExcellence#ThinkBig

2nd place in the National Volleyball Championship

Congratulations to our senior Julian Carmona who recently won 2nd place in the National Volleyball Championship, representing the Guatemala department. Julian also obtained a recognition as Best Hitter of the game. GREAT WORK PANTHER!! very proud of you!