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Our students learn from the best academic staff, with a genuine passion for preparing students with their professional careers as a result their work contributes to an outstanding student experience.



Elementary Principal

Lesly has a Master´s Degree of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education in Modern Languages in Teaching English to Non-native speakers/ESL, a School Certificate to Teach Undergraduate School, a Life Coaching Certificate, and a High School Diploma in Elementary School Teaching.

Our Principal has experience in international school settings as a teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal. As a school administrator, she has spent many years developing educational plans. She believes Principals need to play different roles, and to get involved in all possible areas when providing quality education is the institutional goal.

Lesly provides positive learning environments and strengthens the school ́s climate by applying strategic leadership and practical communication skills. She strives for unity, harmony, and cooperation through tact, helpfulness, respect, and recognition of individual differences, unique abilities, and strengths of each community member. There is no doubt; nothing makes her happier than supporting teachers, parents, and students to help them become the best version of themselves and to see them learn, grow, and succeed.

Patricia Orellana

elementary Teacher

 ""Tengo licenciatura en educación. Me encanta enseñar y he estado trabajando durante más de 20 años como maestra aquí en Village School. Para mí, es importante que mis alumnos desarrollen sus propios procesos cognitivos. Me encanta la Metodología de Village porque ayuda a los niños a alcanzar sus metas, proporcionar estrategias para enfrentar y superar dificultades en sus propias vidas personales y los desafía a mejorar cada día "


Middle School Principal

Mrs. Glenda has been working in education for more than 35 years. 
Education is her passion. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second  Language and a Master in Education from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.
 “I have really enjoyed watching my students grow and becoming leaders at such a young age.”

Marianela Ramírez

middle school Teacher

"Mi objetivo principal es involucrar a los estudiantes en el aula a través de proyectos e integrar la educación STEM en el plan de estudios, mejorar las habilidades de liderazgo de los estudiantes mientras participan en la clase y en actividades fuera de su zona de confort, para encontrar al líder dentro de ellos".

Marianela tiene un Máster en Educación Secundaria, B.A. en Educación Admin. y certificados en Educación para la Ciencia y la Matemática a través del Marco STEM. 


High School Principal

Born in Longview, Texas, in a family with three siblings, two of which became educators as well. I graduated from Texas Southern University, (Bachelor of Science degree with majors in History and Education and minors in Computer Science and Music), the American College of Education ( Master of Education in Educational Leadership), and Texas A&M University – Texarkana (Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership) 

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

Yahann Romero

High school Teacher

“I am a passionate advocate of the value of transformation through education.  I believe that each of our students has the capacity to overcome obstacles and conflicts when they are given the right tools to shape their own futures. If we teach our students to question their realities, to shape it with new knowledge, and to become active agents of transformation for a greater good they will become great citizens, leaders, but mostly, great human beings.”
Mr. Romero holds a B. A. in Hispanic Literature and Philosophy, a teaching degree in Spanish Literature and Language and teaching certificates by College Board, Museum of Modern Art of New York, and Universidad de Palermo in Argentina.

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