It is important to consider some general aspects in the reopening of our campus, Village School continues to work with the best practices for the safe return to classes of our entire student community.


Parents, students and collaborators were trained in the different biosecurity protocols, such as: Preventive measures for family filter, such as identifying the symptoms, use of        software to monitor symptoms and contacts of possible infection (SNAP Health Control), use of masks and face covers, self care, social distancing, hand hygiene, what to do in case of symptoms, biosecurity kit, movements on campus, access control, etc.

Teaching -Learning

The guidelines and procedures for designing, organizing and managing the means to deliver the educational services, taking into account the safety regulations and the need to provide high quality education.

Psychosocial attention

The Village School has traditionally offered all its students, not only a quality academic experience, but also full support for their social, emotional and mental health.  During the pandemic, it is even more relevant to continue with this support.


The purpose of the staggered support system is to reinforce community spirit, resilience and comprehensive health of the Village Family through activities, workshops and support equipment geared towards parents, students and staff.


Personal Hygiene Practices

Protective partitions

Floor Signing

Cleaning Practices

Circulating Flow Direction