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Middle School Newsletter

The Middle School Leadership Team is very proud to acknowledge the outstanding work of all the students and teachers during this academic year 2021-2022.

Our students shine in different events as: the AASCA Leadership Conference, The AASCA Science Fair, AASCA Debate Tournament, Sports and Arts Activities.

Congratulations Everyone!

Middle School Students remember that “Teachers open the door but you must walk through it  yourselves” -Chinese Proverb. Happy Holidays

5th Grade Language Arts

The fifth-graders wrote, rehearsed, and performed original plays. The fifth-grade class read poems they wrote. Congratulations!!

6th Grade Language Arts

Parts of speech are an important aspect of the language taught in ELA. Not only do the parts of speech help in formulating correct sentences, but they also help the reader to understand what is taking place. 5th and 6th graders had a lot of fun creating very appealing posters using the eight parts of speech to assess students’ knowledge of parts of speech and to reinforce that knowledge.

The integrated project of technology, entrepreneurship and social studies consists of the elaboration of bibliographic records of leading figures in Latin America.

7th Grade Entrepreneurship

Students made a magazine about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and published it on the Issuu site.

Among the characteristics of the project was that students created an informative document with its main elements: cover, table of contents, content, and bibliography APA format.

7th Grade Language Arts – Writing: A Better World Needed!

The objective of the project was to integrate Science learning into their Language Arts curriculum by conducting a research project of various lengths to explore a topic, and use creativity when choosing small details from their journal.

In this project students used their English and science skills to write and create awareness about the environment specially with insects and plants. They were able to identify the different problems insects encounter throughout their lives and how to protect them. They also learned what plants need to survive and how the nutrients on the soil helped them to grow.

8th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies

integrate Social Studies learning into their Language Arts curriculum by writing a narrative in which they will develop consensus and communication conducting research and collaborating with a team to build on ideas of others.

8th Grade Language Arts

The eighth-graders had the mission to investigate the academic performance and emotional intelligence of our own Village Elementary and Middle schools. They then were to research what other schools around the globe are accomplishing and deliver a proposal on improving our school.

At the end of the III Bimester, the 6th grade students of level A2.1. worked on a project with the topic “Umwelt” = Environment in German class. Each student had to choose an environmental problem that they wanted to expose to present through a video that they themselves worked on for a week. In the video they had to indicate what as a society we should and can/want to do to protect the environment and reduce the impacts of the problems they chose to present. They also had to share what measures they have already begun to implement in their lives to protect nature. They were also able to show their creativity by using recycled material; recycled in the sense that it did not require them to buy it new and the label says “recycled”, the motivation is more to reuse what they already had at home.

8th graders worked with Respect and Tolerance. Students worked in pairs, and each partner got to know each other in depth. They asked and answered questions.

These are some of the group activities that allow learning in a fun way where you interact with other people. The objective of carrying out these activities is to develop social skills and interpersonal relationships in students.

AASCA Debate Tournament
Lily Solares

Middle school debate team was invited this year to participate as observers.
Five students attended all the sessions that were held throughout the two weeks of preparation. Although they did not debate, it was a wonderful experience for them.

They participated in a workshop in which all the rules and the expectations were explained.

Students attended Jr Varsity debates, opening ceremony, and closing and award ceremony.
They had the opportunity to review the motions before the event, so it was easier for them to follow. It was a pleasure for me to be their coach and to be with them throughout the event.

They are eager and waiting to participate in years to come!

AASCA Debate Tournament

“I appreciate the opportunity I was given to observe the AASCA debate tournament. It was exciting and I was enthusiastic after seeing how the debaters were passionate and confident about their ideas and information. I truly think that this event was amazing and getting to know new people from other countries was delightful. I hope I can participate next year and work together with new people and new ideas.” – Denisse Therese Molina Staebler.


During March, 10 middle school students were chosen by their peers, teachers, and the leadership team,to be part of the Leadership Team that would represent Village School at the 2022 AASCA Conference titled “To Lead is to Learn” and which was hosted by the Pan-American School of Costa Rica. These students were chosen because they have shown leadership skills and characteristics such as: initiative, courage, decisiveness, leadership, perseverance, enthusiasm, responsibility, adaptability, and knowledge. During the days of the activity, our students attended different conferences, both in English and Spanish, where they learned and applied skills that will help them develop more as leaders and as agents of change in their communities. As an end product of the conference, they were to create a video in which they presented their conclusions and reflections of the learning experience. Finally, as a long term goal of this conference, our middle school team is working with the high school team to create a school project in which they can apply, expand and share with the rest of the school the topics learned during the conference.

We are proud to present our students’ Science Fair Projects

Emiliano Castillo Pineda
He participated in the 2022 Panamerican Games, and won!

  • Gold medal in kata china
  • Gold medal in points combat 50 kilograms
  • Gold medal in open weight
  • Grand champion in point combat.

Zayra Tohom Roca
Won when representing the Federación Nacional de Natación de Guatemala

  • Gold medal 400 m freestyle
  • Silver medal 200 m freestyle
  • Silver medal 100 m freestyle
  • Bronze medal 50 m freestyle

We have three Panthers fighting for the nationals!
Representing Departamento de Guatemala:
Paola Bacaro
So-hee kim
Jolette Rodas

They traveled with the team to Petén, and they won their match by 23 to 12.

Arturo Alejandro Borges Contreras
Was chosen to participate in the Juventus World Cup 2022, which will take place in the Italian cities of Milan, Bologna and Turin!

We were glad to recognize our teachers for everything they do for our students!

Sophie Castellanos, we want to thank you for your empathy and compassion, and congratulate you for this great initiative!

Congratulations on your incredible success! We always knew you could do it, and we are incredibly proud of you.

5th Grade
Sofia Nicole Ruiz Villatoro;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Ian Leonel Leiva Meneses;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Diego Andrés Girón Arana;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Mercedes Isabella Cáceres Paredes;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Juan Pablo Navarro Pedroza;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Andrés David Rodríguez Hidrovo;Academic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Karen Martinez SalgueroAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
LEONARDO GAEL SORCIA ZAVALA;Academic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Luis Pedro Garavito Alvarez;Academic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Natalia Rivera RuizAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Fabián Andres González Osma;Academic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Valentina Sofía Aviles CoelloAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Giséle Marie De Suremain Fajardo;Academic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Walter Gabriel López Zambrano;Academic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Jose David Alvarez OrtizAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Ariela Benavente LejárragaAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Alison Jimena Molina MarquezAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Elisa Raquel Salazar ReinosoAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Adrián Montúfar ArriagaAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Oscar Andres Ortiz Moran;Academic Excellence – Cum Laude
Oscar Alejandro Villatoro ArmasAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Isabella Sofia Martinez LongoAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Carlos Andrés Soberanis DomínguezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Jorge Antonio Molina HerreraAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Jose Ignacio Canteo RodriguezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Isabella Paola Diaz RamirezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Juliana Maria Camacho HernándezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Isabella Mariel Rosales MajusAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Diana Montserrat Camacho HernándezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
José Arturo Gonzalez PerezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
6th Grade
Román Vladimir Ramos EscobarAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Sophia Castellanos LopezAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
José Eduardo Marroquín CámbaraAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Samuel Jesús Carballo PonceAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
SANTIAGO GONZALEZ FAJARDOAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Sebastian Morales MoralesAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Matthew Roger Donis OchoaAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Mariandrea Flores JuárezAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
LUIS CARLOS BUSTAMANTE RANGELAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Fer Isaac Sulecio MoralesAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
María Fernanda GuerreroAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Lester David Recinos CarreraAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Juan Ignacio González VelaAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Erick Andrés Lara ValdesAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Pablo André Rodríguez HernándezAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Mia Nicole Rios PortilloAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
ARIANA FERNÁNDA PERLA MARROQUINAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Paola Ximena Bacaro SosaAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Carlos Alejandro Alvarado JuárezAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Raymond Saeed Girard MateoAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Kendra García RivasAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Arthur Araujo AlmeidaAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Luciano González SánchezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Mia Yoonis GuillénAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Andres Sebastián Fuentes SotoAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Fátima de Los Angeles Ortiz AbalAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Roberto Augusto Castrillo GonzálezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Angelo Paolo Espósito MoralesAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Oscar Alberto Salas MuñozAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
7th Grade
Adriana Lucia Molina MenendezAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Diego Molina StaeblerAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
ARTURO ALEJANDRO BORGES CONTRERASAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Luis Eduardo López RaneroAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Juan Francisco Aguiñada OrellanaAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
DANIEL EDUARDO BAPTISTA RIVASAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Erick Martinez SalgueroAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Andrea Morales CabreraAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Luis Carlos Gómez ContrerasAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Mariela Reyna PaniaguaAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Evangeline Brichaux SchlesingerAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
María Esther Castro SaitoAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
María Fernanda Clavería HernándezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
8th Grade
Juan Pablo Marroquín RamosAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Paula Lucía Marroquin GonzalezAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
David Leví Sandoval MéndezAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Alison Páez KestlerAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Anika María Soto TorresAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Andres Alejandro Donis TorresAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Aixa Chen ChenAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Martin Estuardo Ramírez UrizarAcademic Excellence – Summa Cum Laude
Sayuri Linshan Juí ParedesAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Angel Daniel Girón AranaAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Ivan Jose Montiel RodriguezAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Paula Sofía López MuñozAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Ángel Nicolás AddisAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Mía Milé Pineda LópezAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Alberto Pereira GuerraAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Denisse Molina StaeblerAcademic Excellence – Magna Cum Laude
Zoe Ariana Lobo ValerianoAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
SOPHIA ALVES SIMOESAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Denia Giuliana Marroquín MejíaAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
VALERIA OLIVA TROCHEZAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Kristell Gabriela Carranza BorjasAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Yulianna Montserrath Zometa HernándezAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
María Andreé Ordoñez GaliciaAcademic Excellence – Cum Laude
Honor Roll
Abanderado de Guatemala
Ruiz Villatoro; Sofia Nicole98.82
Escoltas de Bandera de Guatemala
Ramos Escobar; Román Vladimir98.45
Girón Arana; Diego Andrés98.27
Castellanos Lopez; Sophia98.18
Marroquín Ramos; Juan Pablo98
Marroquin Cámbara; José Eduardo98
Abanderado de Guatemala
Leiva Meneses; Ian Leonel98.73
Escoltas de bandera Village
Marroquin Gonzalez; Paula97.25
Sandoval Méndez; David Leví97.25
Páez Kestler; Alison97.17
Soto Torres; Anika María97.17
Carballo Ponce; Samuel Jesús97.09
Donis Torres; Andres Alejandro97.08

Happy farewell, dear students! Wishing you all the very best for the future. May you all be successful and happy in life!

Thank you, middle school families, because you make the difference in our lives.

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