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Middle School

Middle School is the level that includes students aged between 11 to 14 years. Middle School  is the bridge linking Elementary (Primary) with High school (diversified). As the school meets international standards grades are classified differently than the national nomenclature.

In Middle School, we have proposed two major objectives:

  1. To train students with academic excellence, efficient structure for the study, practice and stimulation values ​​of the two cerebral hemispheres through the development of skills and cognitive, emotional and physical.
  2. Prepare students to successfully face integrally way to High School.

To meet these objectives consistently maintain the following:

  • Hiring of principals and assistant high academic profile and experience of over 20 years in teaching who are responsible for carrying out the school management.
  • Teachers with master’s degrees and specialized in the area they teach and with experience of more than three years in secondary school teaching.
  • Curriculum aligned to national and international standards, which are constantly reviewed and updated.
  • Coaching education for both students and teachers.
  • Private classes with methodology Village with its constant monitoring for brain stimulation and respect for individual differences in student learning.
  • Use of ICT (information and communication) in classrooms.
  • Physical development, cerebral oxygenation through sports, green areas of play, running track, soccer fields, basketball, tennis, table tennis, etc..
  • Stimulation of mathematical logic and verbal reasoning.
  • Commitment to Multilingualism (English, Spanish, French and German), and the multi national identity and multiculturalism.
  • Assertive discipline and constant practice of respect for others.
  • Project development and entrepreneurship bimonthly youth.
  • Forming the foundation for leadership development, critical thinking, social commitment among students.
  • Consistency in the daily act based on ethics and values, both for students and for teachers and principals.

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