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Elementary level builds a solid foundation that will allow the formation of upstanding citizens, free and responsible, able to face a changing global society.

That is why it becomes a training period ranging from 6 to 11 years, providing each student the first level of education required for each person.

Our curriculum emphasizes reading, writing and mathematics, and includes a third language that greatly complements the education of our children, and develops specific skills by learning another language.

The main objective of primary education is that the students develop linguistic and numerical skills, and they also learnto establish the foundations in science, mathematics, geography, history and other social sciences.

We have our own curriculum aligned to international standards, and national, as well as highly qualified staff to meet the educational needs of the twenty-first century that integrates the use of ICT (Information and Communication) in classrooms.

The Village´s methodology allows a constant brain stimulation according to evolutionary neuropsychology, as well as respect for the educational needs and learning styles of each students.

We provide to every student  the opportunity to participate in various sports such as football, basketball, athletics, having to use the facilities and green areas for this.

The integral formation of each student is of vital importance to Village School and that is why we provide the foundation for the development of leadership, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and social engagement through a coexistence permeated by ethical and moral values, both for educate students as well as for teachers and principals.

“The road to success is always under construction, is an ongoing process and a goal that we must achieve”

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