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Counseling Services


The Elementary Counseling Department, provides support to the principal and vice-principal from the area, as well as teachers in order to have a follow-up in programs, fulfilling the individual needs of the students.

At the same time it is in charge of the School’s program for parents, “The Key” and the seminar programs for students, which are based on conferences and workshops of specific topics that are taught throughout the year.

It i sour duty to provide counseling for students individually or through groups, also to follow-up on the relationship between students-teacher and to train teachers. It also offers attention and follow-up to discipline cases and special cases in general. In addition, the counseling department is in charge of the application of standardized tests and the analysis of their results.

Our primary role as Elementary guidance department is tracking cases, and is intended to provide individual attention and / or group to psycho-pedagogical and emotional needs of students, through various techniques and brief interventions as required in each situation. It provides guidance to students with learning disabilities or adaptation and seeks a harmonious interaction among students. It provides emotional support to students who require it through individual sessions and inform parents about such monitoring.

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This department’s main function is to guide the entire educational process starting from: entrance exams application, interpretation and intervention recommendations for new students; individual or group orientation to students displaying academic, behavioural and emotional problems. Work hand in hand with Middle School level principal and vice-principal, for educational and behavioral interventions, derived from interpretations of standardized tests, bimonthly academic reports and reports from teachers.

It is responsible of the Middle School excellence workshops, whose purpose is to guide students in sensitive subjects such as: sexuality, leadership, values, bullying, and self-esteem, among others. It makes reference and external follow-ups with specialist, in regards to special cases. It supports the area directors with the decision-making process, in regards to discipline, urgent interventions, psychological interpretations, and follow-up of special cases. It guides the teaching-learning process with teachers, providing them with particular and general information of students through: learning profiles and dominant skills, management of individuals and groups in crisis, discipline and special cases. It is the link between regular programs with the V.A.C. program.

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The guidance department in High School seeks to provide support for students who need to understand, express, organize or resolve situations that are generating an internal conflict. Also the guidance department in the support process, identifies students who require outside professional help, which provides student follow-ups, treatment or evaluation.

In High School the students in their last academic year start with the career counseling process, which is guided by the level counselor. The objective of this process is to, guide students with the University application process, national or international; providing them with University tours and our COLLEGE FAIR, options to which they can apply.

Support our young people in order to have emotional stability and good decision-making skills regarding college and their future professional life; this is one of the most important tasks that we give our students, in order to create future leaders.

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