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World Library (Biblioteca Mundial)

The World Library provides free access to manuscripts, rare books, maps, photographs, documents, and other important cultural sites worldwide.

Latin American Network Information Center

Portal of information on Latin America. Project of the Teresa Lozano Grand Institute of Latin American studies at the University of Texas

BDDOC CSIC: Information systems

The bibliographic database ICYT, ISOC and IME contain scientific works published in Spanish since the 1970s. Basically they collect articles from scientific journals and selective files of congress proceedings, series, compilations, reports, and monographs.

With this free access you can consult these resources:

  • Database of abstracts: offers the basic bibliographic information in the ICYT (science and technology), ISOC (social sciences and Humanities) and IME (bio-medicine) database
  • ISOC-Library and documentation database: full access to all the information and references within this database.
  • Directories of Spanish magazines: complete description of journals included in the database.


It is an information system about scientific research journals, technical/vocational and scientific and cultural dissemination that are edited in the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal. The idea of Latindex was created in 1995 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and became a regional cooperation network since 1997.

International Digital Library for Children

The ICDL Foundation aims to build a collection of outstanding historical and contemporary books from around the world. Ultimately, the Foundation aims to have representatives of all cultures and languages, so that all children can learn and appreciate the richness of children´s literature of our worldwide community.

World –

World newspapers, magazines, and news sites in English, sorted by country and region.

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