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Village School has the honor to inform you that from now on we have a new service in the library.

The EBSCOhost data base is a bibliographical information service that provides access to over 35,000 journals, monographs, and Science, Economy, Education, Technology, Medicine, and Engineering books, among others.

The information is retrieved in a fast, easy, and effective way through PDF format. The data base contains documents endorsed academically since 1975 and has access to other public and private databases from universities, libraries, schools, medical institutions, government agencies, and corporations.

Through its website, it is possible to perform searches by author, title, subject by hierarchical topics in alphabetical order for easier searching.

EBSCOhost offers a variety of specialized data sub bases facilitating the search and be able to narrow the searches:

  • Professional Development Collection
  • ERIC
  • Teacher Reference Center
  • Newspaper Sources
  • Health Sources- Consumer Edition
  • MAS Ultra- School Edition
  • Advanced Placement Source
  • TOPICsearch
  • Middle Search Plus
  • Find Primary
  • Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
  • Library, Science and Technology Information Abstracts
  • GreenFILE

This new acquisition reaffirms our commitment for continuous improvement; therefore, we hope that this new resource will be used as an additional support for the educational development of our students.

The Village community can request their code in the following email:


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