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Extension activities

It is the set of activities to establish, promote and/or optimize the relationship between the user and the library, having as its axis the book or any other data medium. This animation process is carried out inside or outside the premises of the library. Among the activities, we have:

  • Creation of user accounts: It has the function to instruct users how to use the library and resources it contains effectively, as part of the teaching and learning process. The library has a variety of resources, for the entire Village family, from which we include: informative, educational and leisure.
  • Author and book of the month: it aims to expose the books from a particular author, which are chosen due special events and dates, so that they users can become familiar with their literature and can check them within or outside the Library.
  • Book fair: a social and cultural activity that takes place once a year as part of the promotion and encouragement of Reading the library in Media Center. For this event, we have the participation of bookstores and publishing houses that will provide the latest development in the publishing market.
  • Donation of books: this Project is done in the library for the development and updating of our bibliographical collections and is held once a year with the support of the entire student body and faculty.
  • Book club: they are regular groups that meet to read, analyze, and provide constructive reviews of common interest readings.
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