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The services provide by Media Center are the following:


  • Reference: it provides support in the research area, directed towards the users in the search of accurate information and the effective use of the electronic catalog, the collection is available to the users because we have an open-shelf service.
  • Classroom book loan: service that gives the teachers the chance to keep the books in their classrooms for longer period of time.
  • External loan: service to all of the members of the Village community, only requirement is to show your student ID.
  • Selected bibliography: an information search is done upon request of teachers and students.
  • Reading rooms: we have comfortable reading areas so that students can study or check the information they need.
  • Reservation of rooms: this space is for study groups; therefore, they need prior reservation with library staff.
  • Foreign Language Lab: exclusive use for studying the foreign language taught in school.
  • Electronic catalog: it provides access to an automated documentation center and newspaper library since 2006, with the main objective to provide fast and efficient service in the pursuit of information.
  • Data bases: we have available service for database users, the same include updated and academically reliable information from universities and research institutions dedicated to worldwide information.
  • Obtaining a pin: a pin is a password given to students so they can check their book loans, availability of library materials, and when needed they could print their solvency in order to obtain report cards or books.
  • Photocopying and scanner service: this service is for all students, the charge will be done to a student´s account through their student ID.
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi): the library has a wireless network so that students can work on their computers without connection problems.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI): it provides updated information corresponding to the same interests in a group of users; it is periodically sent electronically or may be provided through another media.
  • News Billboard: it consists in placing information of monthly events according to the national and global cultural calendar.
  • New acquisitions newsletter: the role of this bulletin is to announce the new books that are continuously acquired; thus, we encourage the use of the collections.
  • Book loans: it is a resource provided by the institution with the objective to provide students with the necessary tools for their education. The books are assigned to the students according to their academic grade level through an annual annuity.
  • Reading program in Spanish and English: it is an additional service to the textbooks, which is assigned every two months to the student, this resource is optional, meaning that parents can decide whether to do it or not, because it has an additional cost.
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