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Retain knowledge and culture, providing an educational community (students, faculty, and staff), the necessary documentation that allows them to develop their teaching, study and research activities, providing guidance and technological tools to contribute with the integral educational formation.


Over the upcoming years, Media Center aims to fulfil the following characteristics: to become a leading documentation center and newspaper and virtual library, at the forefront of technology in order to achieve educational excellence, implementing policies and strategic plans that contribute with the development of collections that meet international standards.


The general collection includes over 5,000 copies organised under the thematic Melvin Dewey classification schemes and distributed in the following sections:

  • General Collection: consisting of reference books with general topics and are organised from 000 to 999 and following the Cutter Sanborn author mark. From A to Z.
  • Reference: formed by all dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlas, books of the year, and all kind of one edition books. They are awarded the letter “R”, and under the Dewey Decimal Classification System from 000 to 9000 and with the Cutter Sanborn author mark.
  • First Readers Collection: it consists of all children´s books listed for the smallest children; it is organised by the Cuttern Sanborn author mark from A to Z and by content according to the Melvin Dewey Junior classification system.
  • Juvenile Fiction Collection: it consists of all the books listed as fantastic between the ages of 10 to 13 years. Organised by the Cutter Sanborn author mark and placed under an “F” and with an orange tag.
  • Newspapers: it consists of newspapers, national and international magazines organised in alphabetical and chronological order.
  • Audiovisuals: the audiovisual collection consists of CDs, DVDs, VHs, with topics in accordance to the school´s curriculum, it is organised by category and sequential number.
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