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Unique Activities

At Village we are in constant search of the potential development of each of our students, which is why we have implemented various activities that support continuous learning and encourage students to explore all their skills. Underneath the different activities that we conduct throughout the school year:

Academic / Co-curricular:


This kind of activities are done in order to support the curriculum of each level, so that students can experience the learning inside and outside the classroom, it’s an excellent method for students to implement and become involved in their learning.

– Science fair

– Advanced courses

– Foreign Language Laboratory.

Social Awareness Activities:


Social Awareness Activities, aside from being unique, are family oriented activities that help us explore and unleash the creative side of each student.

Students can appreciate cultural diversity, world history, as well as establish bonds with family and friends.

– Travelling Around the World

– Cultural Festival

– Air Fest/Star Fest

– Kooltural Week 

Awareness and Professional Development Activities:


These activities create a space for parents and students to integrate themselves into the development of community programs in which Village School each year; these activities in order to create a social awareness, which generates an impact on our society.

– Chispas de Luz y Bolsas de Amor

Social Skills Programs & Leadership:


Our mission is to train upstanding, capable and sensible leaders, who are active participants of global development, and these types of activities support our goal; students prepare themselves in school becoming aware of the reality of our society.

Furthermore, the programs support de development and the growth of the emotional intelligence of our students.

– Destination Imagination (DI)

– Ethics and Values Program

– Community Service*

– Fundación Ammar: help kids with Cancel.

– Public Schools.

– Low income communities.

– Orphanages.

*Students must do 20 hours of community service each year. 

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