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Village Adjusted Curriculum

1. Village Adjusted Curriculum (VAC)-Differentiated Learning Programme

The main objective of the program is to develop the capacities of all students alike Village. This provides a quality education to students who have learning problems or have a disability. Therefore focuses on the development of various curricular adaptations for students who need it. It provides personalized attention to individuals whose learning characteristics require special education.

2. Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEP students specializing in disability have problems, developmental problems and various types of disorders. This program focuses on students who have special educational needs and seeks to develop the capabilities of students with respect for their own learning and individual differences. Among its objectives is to provide personalized support and curricular adjustments to fit every need.

The IEP program responds to the need of students who have difficulty meeting the curriculum. Due to various situations that interfere with their social, sensory and cognitive learning. It develops in afternoon session, in which students must be present. So get your classes in a suitable environment and friendly so that they can be carried out with appropriate educational interventions.

3. Pull Up

This program serves a sector of students who have difficulties expanding into the classroom and they receive better care when working individually. The Pull Up provides curricular adjustments necessary aspects in the student to continue learning in their own learning process. Students will develop various skills by working in small groups with a teacher to guide you and indicate how it should work.

4. Homeschooling

This program’s main objective is to provide academic track students who are physically absent for a period of not less than 10 days of the regular school day. Aimed at students into sports (partial homeschool) or persons who due to illness can not attend class regularly. Its purpose is to promote the development of the activities proposed by the teacher holds various courses during the student’s absence. This program aims to maintain contact between the students and the school, so that students enrolled do not suffer delays or difficulties in the classes they take.

The program focuses on developing through either digital (through instructional design) or distance education (physical delivery of activities), the subjects during the period of absence the student is enrolled. Therefore, it can be developed in two different ways, above. The methodology will be used PRADDIE way of instructional design and distance education when the activities to be delivered to the student fitness.

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