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In Village School, we are aware of the importance of brain development related with the learning process, language, and physical development and emotional. Our methodology develops and stimulates different cognitive, linguistic and physical capacities in our students during their school stage.

Through our methodology, based on Neuropsychology, Village School aims to reach the maximum development of our students’ potential, focused in the learning-teaching process in the following areas:

The neurocognitive area is based on the conceptual representation of objects, from which knowledge develops through the 9 perceptions:

The neurophysical are develops and stimulates the different abilities and physical capacities that the kid has; this is reached through neurological maturation exercises, brain exercise, sensory integration, and the different sport disciplines.

The neurolinguistic area develops and stimulates the linguistic abilities of students through the learning of several languages (English, German, French, Mandarin)

The emotional area provides the basic elements to acquire emotional maturity, leadership and everything related with social interaction.

Through the strengthening of the socio-emotional area we aim to reach the Village student’s profile, which is characterized by their human qualities and leadership skills.

We recognize the importance of teaching professionally and with the most up-to-date methods from Neuropsychology in the psychotherapy classrooms, in order to achieve students’ long term memory. Through developing the Neurocognitive, Neurophysical development, stimulation in the Brocca area, and through the use of Wernicke we improve the Neurolinguistic skills, combined with an enriched Social Emotional area and, with the benefits of music therapy and aromatherapy, which increase creativity, attention, concentration and visual focus.

What are the benefits?

  • Neurological Development
  • Maximum development of the sensitive periods of the brain, improving their skills and abilities.
  • Better oxygenation, memory, attention, etc..
  • Increased security and self-esteem
  • Increased vocabulary, speech, language and understanding
  • Discipline, self-control and management of emotions
  • Neuorphysical development: balance, coordination, oxygenation.
  • Increased IQ
  • Development of Emotional IQ
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