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We have successfully completed our 2014-2015 academic year that is why I express my gratitude to all the parents and students for their trust, which deepens our commitment for the continuous improvement to ensure an educational project of excellence for your children.

Especially, I will like to congratulate the Senior Class of 2015 for your achievement and wishing you success in your college career. In the pursuit of academic excellence,

I take advantage of this letter to share some achievements of our current academic year:

  • Our infrastructure was strengthened with the new Elementary School building, which expanded our capacity to do a more personalised work for our students.


  • Being aware of the importance in developing thinking skills, reading comprehension programs (Achieve300 and Empower300) were implemented, this for Middle and High School levels. The results showed us a positive index level for our student’s Lexile.


  • In regards to experiential learning, within the framework of our methodology, we implemented PBL (Project Based Learning) in different areas of learning; for example, we can see our Earth Science Lab, which integrated the areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Business, among others.


  • Our values program was introduced by different members of our community and its daily practice created a new lifestyle, leading us to become better people.


  • Our Foreign Language programs continue giving us the expected results, with our students earning scholarships to travel to Germany, Portland, Mexico, in order to share with students from different latitudes and to benefit from a rich cultural exchange. The Pasch project recognized Village School as one of the schools which best teaches the German Language.

caida del muro

  • In Sports, we participated in several national and international tournaments with satisfactory results; congratulations to our athletes!


  • Among the most important achievements, and the one that shows the academic level of our educational project in the areas of Math and Language Arts, is the result of the standardised test MAP; with great satisfaction, we can share that our students exceeded the results of the international standard that integrates 20,000 educational institutions worldwide.

map high school

  • We have institutionalized two academic support programs for students to improve their academic level: the first is the Interventions Academic Program, which derived from the results of standardized tests enabling us to provide to our students a more personalize instruction in the required areas. The second program is called Improvement Plan to Strengthen Weak Learning Areas, reviewing topics such as instruction, production, and reassessment; this becoming a great benefit for our students.


As you can see, our commitment at Village School continues, we have many opportunities for improvement and we will explore them. We are committed to our great Village Family.

Thank you!

Alexis Morales

Executive Director

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